Documentary about company that made Scar Stuff, Vampire Blood, and Evil Teeth

One day shortly after Halloween, when I was 10 or 11 years old, I went with my mother to a King Sooper supermarket in Boulder, Colorado and came across a bargain bin loaded with tubes of Vampire Blood and Scar Stuff. The price been reduced from $0.49 per tube of Vampire Blood and $0.79 per container of Scar Stuff to $0.05 per item. I felt like I had discovered a treasure chest. This stuff was like gold to me and everyone else my age in the neighborhood.

I had a couple of dollars so I bought 20 tubes of Vampire Blood and 20 containers of Scar Stuff. It is still one of the highlights of my life. In truth, the blood wasn't very realistic, but the package design was to die for.

Today a fellow Vampire Blood aficionado, Kirk Demarais, alerted me to this documentary about a company called Imagineering, which manufactured these items. Watching it has become another highlight of my life.

"Do you remember Scar Stuff, Vampire Blood, or Evil Teeth?" This is the story behind Imagineering — the great kid make-up company. Produced by Daniel Roebuck and David Hansen-Sturm. Directed by Daniel Roebuck. Filmed and edited by David Hansen-Sturm.