Newzbin2 releases censorware-busting client

A UK court ordered ISP British Telecom to use censorware called Cleanfeed to block Newzbin2, a file-sharing site. Newzbin2 responded by releasing a cross-platform app for evading censorware. The app, Newzbin Client, uses a combination of encryption and other technologies to beat the censorwall. Newzbin2's spokesman, Mr White, told Torrentfreak:

"Having to write a client program like this is an admission that the open web is in the process of failing. The ability of vested interests to choke the Internet with a vinculum woven from malevolent law and technology is very depressing," Mr White told us.

"TeamRDogs would rather spend its time in titty bars drinking whisky and snorting lines than hacking the MAFIAA's Client of Doom (hmmm, CoD – we may call it that), but they've made it necessary."

Newzbin2 Offers Anti-Blocking Tech To BitTorrent Sites, Releases OS X Version