Text of last-minute appeal for Troy Davis, scheduled to be executed this hour in Georgia.

UPDATE: Rumors flying over Twitter that a Stay of execution has been granted, as of 7:05pm ET. Cheering outside the prison where he is held. Am seeking confirmation. Conflicting reports, and there is no official word that a stay has been granted. —XJ

This PDF link contains the last-minute appeal filed with the U.S. Supreme Court as Troy Davis heads to the execution chamber in Georgia. The execution is scheduled to begin at 7pm Eastern Time.

The motion argues that he should not be executed because of…

substantial constitutional errors which have occurred in
connection with the lower courts denial of his claims that newly available evidence reveals that
false, misleading and materially inaccurate information was presented at his capital trial in 1989,
rendering the convictions and death sentence fundamentally unreliable.

Democracy Now is one of the few news organizations offering extensive live coverage. The case has drawn international attention, and condemnation around the globe.

RELATED: As Greg Mitchell at The Nation points out here, there is another execution scheduled to take place tonight at the very same time in America, for another crime that involves race.

At 6pm CDT in Texas, Lawrence Brewer is to be executed for his participation in the infamous racist hate crime dragging murder of James Byrd in Jasper, TX in 1998.