New Mexico couple says no to DEA drug raid

Couple in shock after drug raid:

Acting on a "citizen's tip," a team of assault-weapon toting DEA agents were denied entry into a married couple's home in New Mexico.

"There came this huge bang on the door, front door, sounded like the door was going to fall in," recalled [Nancy] Parker.

She said her husband opened the door to multiple officers in raid gear with guns drawn.

"We were completely shocked, upset," she continued.  "I was panicked because I've never had anything like this happen to us before, never."

She said the officers demanded to come inside her home.

"And my husband asked, 'Do you have a warrant?  Who are you looking for?' and they said,

'Gerald Sentell,'" Parker said.  "We don't even know this person."

Apparently, the DEA did not have a warrant, because they left. But don't worry. DEA officials say the raid was simply "procedure" and that officers "did nothing wrong." They also didn't apologize to the couple, who say they are "shocked and upset" by the raid.

Couple in shock after drug raid (Via Reason)