Officer accused of terrorizing citizens, still on force

Despite over 500 pages of internal affairs complaints lodged against Clayton County police officer Michael Hobbs, he is still on the force.

A Metro Atlanta police officer is accused of being out of control and assaulting the citizens he was sworn to serve and protect.

Chief Investigative Reporter Wendy Saltzman found dozens of use-of-force reports brushed aside by Clayton County internal affairs, including claims Hobbs is terrorizing citizens.

One of those citizens is Brian Hoolihan. Hoolihan passed out in his car along side a road in Clayton County in a diabetic coma back in 2007.  He had a sticker on the window of his car, warning about his life threatening medical condition.

A police report shows Officer Hobbs arrived at the scene and wrongfully assumed Hoolihan was drunk. Hobbs forced himself into the car and struck Hoolihan twice with a closed fist to the face and another blunt elbow blow to his head.

The photos of Hoolihan's face, which was beaten to a pulp while Hoolihan was in a diabetic coma, are stomach churning.

Watch Chief of Police Greg Porter defend Officer Hobbs in the video. No disciplinary action has been taken against Officer Hobbs.

Officer accused of terrorizing citizens, still on force (Via The Agitator)