Should you get an Apple iPhone 4s? If so, which carrier?

From the looks of all these iPhone 4S reviews suddenly hitting the web, it seems Apple's press embargo has just lifted.

TL;DR consensus is that the latest revision of Apple's dominant device is really, really good.

Brian Lam wrote a helpful buying guide over at Wirecutter, with pros and cons of going with Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon.

And now, the review roll call: Mossberg, Gruber, Pogue, Chen, Siegler, Jaroslovsky, Snell, Nguyen, Dalrymple, Topolsky, Fry. Boing Boing did not have access to a loaner review unit, but I am eager to try out the improved video and photo capabilities. I plan to buy one and report back with sample footage soon.