The QDrive: a "radiation pressure imbalance" drive for space travel


Our friends at House Industries designed the logo for the QDrive, some kind of "radiation pressure imbalance" drive for space travel. I don't understand it, but it looks nifty!

The QDrive is a resonating cavity with design features that redirect the radiation pressure exerted in the cavity to create a radiation pressure imbalance on the cavity. This differential in radiation pressure generates an unbalanced force that creates thrust. The cavity is accelerated without use of propellant. Don't believe it? Study the theory.  Replicate our numerical models.  Review our experimental results.  And draw your own conclusions.

I was hoping to see a video of this thing bolted on a vehicle, but I couldn't find one on the site. If you are a physicist and have something to say about the QDrive, please post in the comments.