Occupiers set up Occupy tent inside "occupied" Bank of America in SF, live-tweet from within

Yo, dawg, I heard you like occupations… so I pitched a tent inside your bank while you occupy the bank! Photo above taken by Aaron Muszalski, of Occupy protesters' tent, erected inside a Bank of America in San Francisco during a takeover-protest. There are 10 people inside the tent, and one protester, Kendra Yukiko, is live-tweeting her impending arrest.

Greggawatt posts this shot of someone putting the tent on eBay to raise funds, presumably to help with bail and/or to support Occupy SF. Here's the link, if you'd like to bid.

Here are more photos of the tent.

[Video Link]

Aaron Muszalski tweets from the site, "SFPD just forcibly moved us away from the bank, saying it was for our safety and 'the glass might break.' Then they hit us with batons."

@SovernNation tweets, "The Occupation of #BofA is officially over. 95 arrests. Cops take down tent, collect signs, a conga drum, random debris."

@raindrift says, "sfpd is folding up the tent, but they'll *never* get it back in the bag."

@punkboyinsf, who has been livestreaming many of the Occupy events in the Bay Area, has a snapshot of the specific penal code with which these young folks have been charged.

(Image: Justin Beck)