Boars, Gore and Swords: 3rd best Game of Thrones podcast

When all my friends were talking about George "Rail Road" Martin's 'Game of Thrones' — I was lost. The show confused me, the books were just not an option; yet a small circle of my friends were completely obsessed.

Then I found the Boars, Gore and Swords podcast. Released quasi-weekly, Ivan and Red were just two guys just like me; confused and bewildered. After covering all ten (ten?) episodes of the show and now starting a book club, I can safely say — they're just as confused and have largely refused any efforts to educate them on the make-believe world of Westeros. I just love it, they keep me laughing.

Listen as the two guys, and occasional guests, attempt to decode the insane (and insanely popular) fantasy epic that is 'A story of Fire and Ice' — at least I think thats what its called. They delve into Martin's psyche, eating habits and never ever care about being factually correct.

The guys proudly tout themselves as the 3rd best podcast in their genre, but they are clearly my favorite.