Create your own My Little Pony

OMG there are like 1000 different hairstyles! Nonetheless, while I am proud of my Pony, this has failed to turn me into a Brony. [General Zoi's Pony Creator via Metafilter. Previously]

UPDATE: My father sends me a poem that he alleges I wrote about My Little Pony as a 6 or 7 year-old.

I love my little pony

I take good care of him

I dip its hair in treacle

And throw it in the bin

When the bin-man comes

He throws him on the floor

"Can't take you to the landfill

We already have a score"

So my little pony

Goes to the garden shed

And when the cat is out

Occupies its bed

And when the cat comes home

He says: "Who let you in?

The only place for a pony

Is in the garden bin"

Clearly to be sung to the tune of this advertisement.