RePress: a WordPress plugin for proxying around national firewalls

RePress is a new WordPress plugin that turns any WordPress site into a proxy that can be used to circumvent national firewalls, including the systems used in The Netherlands, Italy, Finland and other countries where The Pirate Bay is blocked.

The plugin is developed by the hosting company Greenhost and allows everyone with a WordPress blog to start a proxy for sites that are censored elsewhere in the world. As an example, Greenhost have setup a Pirate Bay and Wikileaks proxy.

"By adding this plug-in to your WordPress website it will start functioning as a proxy and uncensor any blocked website you'd like," Greenhost explains. "The only thing you'll need is a WordPress website and the ability to install new plug-ins. After that you can maintain a list of websites you'd like to keep open freely available on the web."

WordPress Plugin Unblocks Censored Sites, Including The Pirate Bay