Know What: a new kind of hyper-curated city guide for iphones (android coming soon)

Know What is a new travel guide for LA and San Francisco (with New York, Chicago, Portland coming soon). It's available on the iPhone, and you can buy additional guides from different people. I contributed a guide for 25 spots around LA, called "Unicorns, Carnivorous Plants & Other Angelenos I've Known and Loved." You can get it as an in-app purchase.

Know What Mark Frauenfelder Unicorns Carnivorous Plants-1
Know What is kinda like the anti-Yelp -- instead of 10,000 angry know-it-alls spitting venom cuz they read the menu wrong, it's all people who know better than anybody what they're talking about. And what they're talking about is their favorite places and local joints in the cities they know best.

And fighting back against the bland-ification of life.

People from groundbreaking websites like, and

Brilliantly creative folks like Weetzie Bat author Francesca Lia Block, OC Weekly editor Gustavo Arellano, and Girls Gone Child blogger Rebecca Woolf

Mission-driven non-profits like the LA Conservancy, SF Heritage and SPUR

Purveyors of rare and vital information like Esotouric, Thinkwalks and LA Bizarro, the best selling guide to LA's absurd underbelly

And they take us to some amazing places – lots of places that (gasp! is it possible?) don't even exist online. We're currently covering LA and San Francisco, with New York, Chicago, Portland, and Seattle coming really soon.

Touch earthquakes with your bare hands in SF … eat Korean BBQ that'll melt your brain off in LA … drink with ghosts at Bukowski's favorite bar … guaranteed make-outs at the Bay's best secret view (*actually guaranteed) … get your mind thoroughly blown by all the awesome nobody even knows about in San Jose (and likewise Orange County. YES -- Orange County).

And it's priced so that you buy what you want, don't pay for what you don't, and the whole time you're supporting all these great people and non-profits that are doing their thing to keep the internet and the world super rad. ($2.99 gets you the app with more to do than you've got time for, and you can keep adding content for less than the cost of an old bag of Jolly Ranchers.)

Know What