Arizona politician: Makeup on a freckle = good; Photoshopping it out = bad

[Video Link] Arizona state Rep. Katie Hobbs has introduced a bill requiring disclaimers on ads that digitally retouch models because they are "deceptive." As video producer Ted Balakar points out, even though Hobbs believes Photoshop is a great menace that needs taxpayer money to control, she's OK with "makeup, lighting, haircare products, cosmetic surgery," and other pre-camera reality hacks.

Proposals like this are new in the US, but in the UK the movement has morphed into some pretty remarkable restrictions on free speech. The Advertising Standards Authority has banned all kinds of ads for all sorts of bizarre reasons: This Miu Miu ad was banned because it depicts a child in an "unsafe location" (train tracks), and this Levi's campaign was halted because it supposedly encouraged children to play with fireworks.

This month's slate of busybodies includes a familiar name as well as some nannying newcomers.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), ever watchful for the new "club drug," is waging yet another crusade against yet another new product, and guess who he's doing it for? The kids!

And then there's Utah state Rep. Tim Cosgrove (D-Murray). Faced with the fact that law enforcement was wasting resources on anti-prostitution sting operations at salons that offer new age healing techniques Cosgrove didn't suggest legalizing prostitution, nor did he advise cops to ditch the stings and focus on catching bad guys (you know, those who hurt people and steal things).

Instead he introduced a bill that would jail Reiki practitioners and other business owners unless they spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to obtain massage licenses. (He's probably doing it for the kids.)

But this month, the top slot goes to someone else.

In the midst of the Kate Upton Sports Illustrated airbrushing controversy comes word that a Grand Canyon state pol decides it's time to crack down on post production techniques that make models smoother and sexier. (But hey, she's doing it for the kids!)

Presenting's Nanny of the Month for February 2012: Arizona state Rep. Katie Hobbs (D-Phoenix)!