Don't use Marriot hotels' sleazy Wi-Fi

Brian X. Chen for the New York Times: "The hotel's Internet service was secretly injecting lines of code into every page he visited, code that could allow it to insert ads into any Web page without the knowledge of the site visitor or the page's creator. (He did not actually see any such ads.)"

Guest Justin Watt's full report has that air of mounting frustration so many of us now associate with hotel travel. The best parts of Chen's story are where Courtyard Marriot is such an organizational disaster that it can't even figure out what spokesperson is responsible for replying to the Times' inquiries; and where the WiFi provider, RG Nets, "quickly hung up on calls."

Update: Watt has added a statement received from Courtyard Marriot, in which it blames RG Nets and says the script insertion occurred "unbeknownst" to it. However, the hotel chain also claims it is "a common marketing practice with many Internet service providers".