Naked airport guy is a happy mutant and is fighting the bogus charge against him

John Brennan, who calmly took his clothes off at the Portland Airport to show TSA officers he was not carrying a bomb (he tested positive for explosives) told Fox News he is going to court to fight indecent exposure charges. Prosecutors indicated they'd let him off the hook if he wrote a letter of apology, but since is perfectly legal to go naked in Oregon, John is choosing to fight the charges. John told the smirking Fox reporter:

201205041558The government has been slowly eroding our rights and this is one way I could stand up and say "in the balance between my right to privacy and other rights that I have under the Constitution the TSA was going a bit too far." We need to have safe skies and I need to have a right to privacy, and as the pendulum is swinging away from my right to privacy I took a stand.

John and I have been exchanging emails and I've learned that he is one of us: a long-time Boing Boing reader and a happy mutant. We are very proud of him. Go John!

Airport stripper chooses court over apology [Image: Dan Carino, Seattle Weekly]