Entrepreneur wants to build visa-free, floating tech incubator in international waters


Blueseed is a proposed tech incubator that will float in the ocean near Silicon Valley. Because it will be located in international waters, it won't be subject to immigration laws (and other laws). The developers say it will be open for business in late 2013 or early 2014.

How much will it cost to live aboard the Blueseed vessel?

We will have a wide assortment of living and office space packages for rent. Tentatively, depending on the ship we will end up selecting, we estimate that prices will be starting at $1,200/person/month for our basic accommodations. For comparison, the average monthly rent for a studio in San Francisco is $1750 as of October 2011, competition for apartments is fierce, and incubator spaces sell for $400-$650 per desk.

In addition, each resident will need to deposit in escrow an amount sufficient to cover transportation back to their home country in case of necessity. This amount will be returned when the resident permanently leaves Blueseed.

What visas do I need?

As a foreign national, to legally earn a paycheck in the United States, you would need a valid U.S. work visa. To live and earn a paycheck aboard the Blueseed vessel, you will only need a passport.

Blueseed: Silicon Valley's visa-free offshore startup community (Via Laughing Squid)