A Dallas Scooby-Doo enthusiast keeps sending white powder to churches & schools

Nick Rallo of the Dallas Observer alerted me to this report, written by Eric Nicholson, about someone who has sent nearly 400 packets of white powder to organizations in Texas. The FBI is offering a reward for her (or his) capture.

The FBI finds last week's scare even less funny because agents believe the same person has mailed more than 380 such letters since 2008 to schools, churches, government offices, embassies, all with a North Texas postmark. So unfunny in fact that it's ponying up $150,000 for information leading to the sender's arrest.

From what law enforcement has pieced together, the sender is probably a male, probably over 30, and considered odd or eccentric by others. He may have a history of mental health problems and be "unusually fascinated" with conspiracy theories.

A Local Scooby-Doo Enthusiast Keeps Sending White Powder to Churches and Schools