The Mysterious Mr. Hokum

The Mysterious Mr. Hokum is a fascinating story about an enigmatic con-man—and the subtle cons that even the most skeptical tech-savvy marks fall for—told by documentarian and internet archivist Jason Scott.

He died of a heart attack at his expensive, beautiful home outside of Indianapolis. He was well off, he was a beloved member of his community, he was a car collector, he was an ISP owner who had recently sold out, and he had his whole life ahead of him. But instead he found himself dying in his bedroom at the age of 41. … When Bob Hoquim died, they wanted to contact his nearest family members to tell them that he was gone. What they found was that his identification was kind of strange. His Social Security number wasn't real, his town of birth wasn't real. So the authorities trying to track the story of this man down got access to his shipping container. And when they opened it, that's when everything fell apart. "