Make a backyard control panel with your kids

This looks like a great weekend project:

Depending on your child's experience and motor skills, this will require some adult supervision. How much you involve yourself is up to you but I'm warning you, you may want to join in on the fun!
This project is perfect for cleaning out junk drawers and miscellaneous tools and hardware. All you need is a piece of wood (we used a wooden stool), random hardware and tools and imagination. Encourage your child to use their imagination when rummaging through things to use. Think outside the box when looking for items to use. You can get ideas from what we used or come up with your own. Let your child use the screwdriver, hammer some nails, and paint. He'll get early experience with tools and how they work and will feel a major accomplishment when you guys finish the "control panel".

Make a "Control Panel" with your kids

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