Today in amazing casting news: Bryan Cranston is coming to 30 Rock

Man, Bryan Cranston is popping up everywhere these days! First, he was seen directing an episode of NBC's The Office for its final season. And now, he'll appear on camera for another show entering its last year, 30 Rock. He will be accompanied by the spectacular Catherine O'Hara, who will play the mother of Kenneth the NBC page (Jack McBrayer), but it's Cranston's role that might be filling in the blanks on some legendary 30 Rock lore: he's playing Ron, the boyfriend of Kenneth's mother, who has never been seen on-screen before. (Neither has Kenneth's mother, for that matter.) I think the bigger question is why, after all that critical acclaim for his work on AMC's Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston is all about working for the struggling peacock network. (Probably because he's freaking Heisenberg and does what he wants.) (via AV Club)