Combat Kitchenware: a frypan with a sword hilt

The Combat Kitchenware Kickstarter has set out to create sword-handled skillets. At $27 you get a handle you can stick on your own pans, $45 gets you a sword-handled teflon skillet. It's from James Brown, who runs Morlock Enterprises, which makes a wide variety of cool nerdstuff, so I've got a reasonable degree of confidence that backers will get their premiums — though, of course, making a pan that works for long-term cookery is a pretty specialized endeavor.

All of the parts are carefully manufactured by the fine people of Morlock Enterprises (if you consider subterranean cannibalistic evolutionary offshoots of humanity people). Milled and cast in the USA, by us.

All steps of production will be managed by us in our shop in Herndon, VA. Our machine shop is set and ready to handle a job of this magnitude. We just need the funding to jumpstart production. Everyone here takes great pride in having our geeky hands on all parts of the project directly, from design to production.
One pan is easy. However, enough pans to indulge the epic needs of our fellow culinary warriors takes a bit more. To that end, I am hoping to use this kickstarter to help fund the molding and tooling to make this project a reality, and get this epic culinary craziness into as many hands as possible.

It is my fervent hope that this is but the vanguard of a host of epic culinary implements.

Combat Kitchenware

(via Crave)