Interview with guy arrested at airport for wearing an elaborate wristwatch

Matthew says: "Geoff McGann tells his story about the watch, the TSA, and the Alameda County Sheriff's Office. Surprisingly, he blames the ACSO for their actions, not the TSA."

McGann said that he harbors no hard feelings against the TSA, the agency that initially stopped him at the security checkpoint. Instead, McGann said he has a problem with the way the Alameda County Sheriff's Department made him look like a terrorist.

"They treated it as if this incredible travesty was not a big deal to put me and my family through," McGann said. "To make it worse, they fed the press a story that they knew would paint a terrible picture of me so they could justify the false arrest," he said.

"My issue is never, and was never, with the TSA… They were doing their jobs," McGann continued. "My issue is with the Sheriffs Department and painting that picture… It is just irresponsible what they did."

McGann explained that after he was detained at the airport, he was able to show deputies photos of his watch collection on his phone to prove that they were art pieces, not detonators.

"They went and looked at the whole collection on my phone and then they realized I wasn't a threat," said McGann. "They were like, 'maybe we can let you go, but we don't think we can.'"

McGann said that he was arrested on suspicion of possession of materials to make an explosive device despite deputies telling him he wasn't a threat and his watch wasn't a bomb detonator.

McGann Tells His Story of Unusual Watch Arrest at Oakland Airport