Amanda Palmer cancels part of her tour to care for a friend with cancer

I think this post, and the decision and emotional commitment behind it, is a profoundly beautiful thing: "cancer. canceling. postponing. waiting. growing."

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Palmer recently, and we talked about cancer. What it's like to have it, and what it's like to lose someone you love to it, as my boyfriend just did. And, about her friend; the decision she was wrestling with and ultimately made and shared with the world.

Amanda's blog post came out during a week when I was going through tons of medical tests and scans and exams, exactly a year after my diagnosis of breast cancer, and a couple months after my primary treatment ended. So, I was distracted with coping with "scanxiety" and PTSD, and couldn't focus on giving Amanda's post the attention it deserved. But my year of hell is drawing to a close. The news I'm living with now is good, and I'm grateful for each day.

I have learned so much this year about what matters. I think Amanda and I have that in common. I applaud her for putting love above all.