Complaints about Saturday Night Live

Government Attic posted a collection of complaints lodged with the FCC about Saturday Night Live from 2008-2012. Selections follow.

Problem Description: There is a comedy skit which repeatedly referred to and then depicted anal sex, rape and bestiality involving a man dressed in a hairy, white Yeti costume … I am offended by the gay acceptance message this skit portrays. The implication is clear, if we got past our fear and tried anal sex, we would like it and then accept it.

Problem Description: Jamie Foxx was talking about his new movie on SNL and explaining how he got to kill all the white people in the movie.

Problem Description: I am shocked at the crap (violence and itiot shows)that is on tv that is why I watch cable educational channels. We are getting stupider by the day allowing this filth on tv. TV is the babysitter of children. I don't want to watch this filth and kids see crap everyday. Television teaches children the wrong messages. Television cannot get any worse, can it? This
country is in trouble viewing these shows. Are you listening to complaints?

Problem Description: in this episode of saturday night live nbc aired to the unsuspecting public real images of a woman's vagina not fully covered by her pink leotard+real pornographic images of a woman's nude butt not fully covered by her leather underwear all of which are vulgar, unlawful, pomographic, unconstitutional and goes against all standards of decency within all 50 states that comprise the usa.

Problem Description: In a skit, a cast member said "fucking". I'd also like to complain that Saturday Night Live is not funny.

Problem Description: Lorne Greene ought to be ashamed