Cryptofloricon: say (whatever) with flowers!

Ed sez,

Inspired by traditional Victorian floriography, writer and artist Ed Saperia developed a series of over 200 "flower codes", allowing you to express anything from a simple romantic gesture ("I adore you") to a loaded question ("Someone else?") or even an insult ("Creep!") using nothing but a few common flowers.

"We are a messaging culture, submerged in an endless deluge of communication. Sometimes, though, we are lost for words. This system makes it a little easier to say those difficult things."

An online dictionary and decoder may be found at, and if you're in London from 8th-10th February a pop-up florist near Brick Lane will feature a range of bouquets spelling out the various codes.

Boing Boing's favourite will probably be three carnations, one lily and a gerbera, which translates to "Help, I'm trapped in a florist's!".


(Thanks, Ed!)