Interview with "involuntary porn" webmaster

Craig Brittain is the most prominent operator of an operating "involuntary porn" site, publishing compromising pictures of unsuspecting women and generating extravagant removal fees. While lawyers work on how best to deal with such sites—victims, after all, can't take action without drawing attention to the images—Chet Hardin found Brittain more than willing to rationalize his exploits.

Brittain says Is Anybody Down? is on the cutting edge of an era of total transparency, and the de-stigmatization of sexuality. The negatives of being presented naked on his website are shortcomings of society.

"Occasionally they will get fired," he says of his subjects. "I mean, what do you care if a couple people you know see you naked on the Internet, versus 'Oh, I just lost my job,' or 'I lost my place to stay,' or, 'Now I'm being judged for life'? We are headed to an era, one of the most open and tolerant eras for people's beliefs that we've ever seen, where people would accept each other regardless."

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