Fugitive ex-LAPD cop accused in shootings posts manifesto, attempts to steal boat, flee to Mexico

Ex-LAPD officer and shooting suspect Christopher Jordan Dorner, left, with former LAPD chief Bill Bratton.

Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, a disgruntled former officer with the Los Angeles police department, is suspected of shooting three police officers Thursday morning and murdering a couple in Irvine earlier this week.

He also posted a wacky 11,000-word manifesto with shout-outs to Anonymous, Charlie Sheen, and "Mister Bill Cosby," then tried to steal a boat in San Diego and flee to Mexico.

Gawker has a roundup of the story here.

The LAPD have accidentally shot two people in the process of pursuing Dorner.

And, in tangentially related news: seven deputies who are members of a secret clique within the LA Sheriff's Department will be fired. Members were involved in an elite squad that operated in areas where gang violence is high, and received tattoos for each shooting of a gang member.

(via Adrian Chen and others)