Fan Restoration of "Bambi Meets Godzilla"

Aaron Muszalski tells Boing Boing,

Coda Shetterly (@KindredCoda) made a frame-for-frame 1080p re-creation of Marv Newland's infamous animated short, "Bambi Meets Godzilla". Originally created in 1969, "Bambi Meets Godzilla" was a staple of animation festivals well into the 90's (especially "Spike and Mike's", who screened with near-religious reverence).

The film was an early example of remix culture, having been made entirely without permission from either Disney or Toho. It was also notable for its humorous credits, which consume the majority of the film's 1:32 running time.

Previously, "Bambi Meets Godzilla" was only available online in an extremely poor quality version.

YouTube Link: "Bambi Meets Godzilla: The Restoration"

And here's a post by Coda explaining the process behind the restoration.