Kickstarter: otherworldly glowing "jellyfish" for the sky

Two years ago at the Treasure Island Music Festival, I was dazzled by the sight of glowing, otherworldly jellyfish floating above the crowd during the evening performances. I recently learned that those beautiful jellyfish are an art project called OMG Jellyfish by Patti Lord, Rob Lord (of Winamp fame), and their collaborators. The inflatable jellyfish are made from ripstop nylon, Tyvec, high-power white LEDs, and custom electronics. They fold up into a small travel bag and can be flying in less than 5 minutes. (To clarify, they don't "fly" like a kite but rather are hoisted aloft on collapsible poles.) Now, the creators are hoping to turn OMG Jellyfish into a product. They've launched a Kickstarter to fund further development. A pledge of $125 gets you one of the first OMG Jellyfish delivered to your door before summer's end. OMG Jellyfish