DC Metro rips out Phantom Planter's flowers at Dupont Circle station

Photo courtesy of "Let My Flowers Grow"

Ricky Carioti/Washington Post: Henry Docter, 52, next to Morning Glories he planted at DC's Dupont Metro North Station, June 21, 2013.

The DC Metro transit system is mocked by the unfortunate locals who use it as a vortex of epic fail; trains don't run on time, air conditioning doesn't work, escalators and elevators are out, the list of suck is so long there's a Twitter account devoted to its constant failings. All you need to know about the phrase "single tracking" is that it leads to tears.

Here's a new DC Metro fail: some jackass bureaucrat decided to pay workers to rip out 1,000 pretty little flowers planted secretly by a "guerilla gardener" along the (often broken) escalators at the Dupont Circle station.

The floral terrorist behind the illicit garden was Henry Docter, the self-described Phantom Planter. He organized an online petition to try and persuade the idiots who run the Metro to "let my flowers grow."

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