This Day in Blogging History: Happy Mutant Congressman; Kafka's porn stash; WiFi in a camera!

One year ago today

Happy Mutant Congressman has at least two Boing Boing T-shirts in his wardrobe: It was great to see US Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) wearing my "Critter" Boing Boing T-shirt.

Five years ago today

Kafka's porn stash goes public: ​​​​​Excavating Kafka, a new book by James Hawes, includes (for the first time) material gleaned from Kafka's hardcore porn stash, booklets that were published by the same publisher who published Kafka's own work.

Ten years ago today
Latest Nikon digicam has Wi-Fi option and built-in FTP: The new Nikon Digital SLR has an option for Wifi! FUCKING WIFI!