Transforming Xenomorph ring/brass knuckles

Etsy seller kilroysattic makes a $60 Aliens/Xenomorph themed ring that transforms into a set of brass knuckles. Leaving aside the macho silliness of brass knuckles, it's a pretty fantastic piece, and a very clever mechanism for effecting the transformation. And the Xenomorph itself is a beautiful piece of van-art chic. If that's not your taste, check out his pirate ship/kraken ring.

Xenomorph Folding Brass Knuckle Ring just reached earth, so ready yourselves for battle! Whether it's for supressing facehuggers, bashing zombie brains, or fighting for your cause, I introduce the latest tool in the trade!

The Xenomorph is the first in a series of stylized transforming Brass Knuckle Ring. He sits at 1 5/8 inches tall, 2 inches long, and 3/4 inch wide. His head doubles as a palm piece that locks the unfolded ring base into a four finger brass knuckle. Transformed, it spans 5 1/4 inches & sits 2 inches tall.

A dyed resin is pressure cast for a powerful piece of art with steadfast color. (Anticipate more variations) At each hinge, a minimum of 32 strands of 14lb test line are interwoven for a combined 448 lbs of strength per hinge. Each ring starts at size 6, so to get that perfect fit, they'll be shaved to the requested size up to a US ring size 11.25.

Brass Knuckle Ring – Transforming Xenomorph

(via The Mary Sue)