'Hello, NSA? I have lost an email, can you help me find it?'–Dutch-Iranian filmmaker trolls NSA

–"I understand you keep track of lots of emails and internet data, can you help me? No? So you don't keep track of emails of people?"
–No, we wouldn't be able to help you. Can I take down some of your personal information, please?

Slow clap, sir. Slow clap. The epic troll in this video is Dutch-Iranian filmmaker Bahram Sadeghi.

The Washington Post tracked him down and interviewed him.

When you were talking to the NSA by phone, how much of it went according to plan and how much of it required improvising?

I almost get through the main scenario. I know they are not going to help me. That's why I had the build-up with extra information, where I say, 'By the way, I'm from Iran!' But I was surprised that they asked for my contact information and asked for my provider —

You mean your e-mail provider?

— Yes. So that's when I thought, 'What the heck, let's play the game.' When I am calling them to help me and they ask for information, I have to give them the information — otherwise I don't have to call them. By the way, I should also mention that all my friends and ex-colleagues, they all loved the video, but all of them were afraid that I would be followed or even maybe bothered or harassed by the NSA in the future.

Are you worried about that?

I don't want to worry about that, because in one way or another, NSA is a governmental organization. If I would be afraid of government even when it comes to such an innocent phone call, then we are really lost. You know what I mean?

Yep. We sure do.

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(Thanks, Jillian York)