'This is what it sounds like when dudes cry,' a monologue by Jeff Simmermon

[Video Link]. My friend Jeff Simmermon, in the video above, explains:

I haven't had a really good cry since 2009 or so, until I got married this June. That changed in a hurry. I told this story at The Moth this summer at Housing Works. I can't tell if I like it or not, it's a work in progress - just like the rest of life, I think. I ran this by my wife and she's cool with it, anyway. If you like stuff like this, you should know that I run a storytelling/standup/burlesque variety show every month at UCB East here in NYC. It's usually the second Thursday of the month at 11PM. We have a good time. For more stories, art, and weirdness, you can visit my blog.