Prankvertising: 'Carrie' promo features lady in NYC cafe with powers of telekinesis, rage

A hidden camera video to promote the new motion picture remake of "Carrie" captures the reactions of "customers" at a NYC coffeeshop who think they're witnessing a telekinetic temper tantrum. Some portion of those patrons are paid extras, but some were innocent and punked for reals. I'm not a big fan of these "prankvertisements," but this is a clever example of the possibilities. My favorite participant is that poor construction worker at 1:18.

More about how it was made, and by whom, at NYDN. The "viral marketing firm" behind the stunt: Thinkmodo.

The 2013 revamp of "Carrie," starring Chloë Moretz in the title role, hits theaters Oct. 18. I dunno, I feel like the classic 1976 film is sacred.

[Video Link, thanks Joe Sabia!]