New York City's undercover cop problem is totally out of control

PHOTO: An Occupy Wall Street demonstrator marches in front of a group of police officers in riot gear in New York. (REUTERS)

Reporting in the New York Times about the ever-expanding operations of undercover police in NYC, led in part by a former CIA agent, Jim Dwyer writes,

The unrestrained surveillance in New York public life is the physical embodiment of what has been taking place online over the last decade under operations of the National Security Agency revealed by Edward J. Snowden. To borrow the title of a 1918 novel about nosy Irish villagers, we have become The Valley of the Squinting Windows.  But it was all O.K. because the mayor and the police commissioner said so, though from the outside, no one could really say what they were up to.

Undercover Police, Just About Everywhere. []

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