Cat wine

Nyan Nyan Nouveau is wine for cats. It contains no alcohol. Following is the product description, automatically translated from Japanese. [via Kotaku. Illustration: robert_s / Shutterstock]


fructose glucose liquid sugar, oligosaccharide, catmint

Cabernet grape juice, vitamin C, caramel color

gardenia pigment ※ alcohol is not included. ※ It is less than 0.01% content of grape juice, [product explanation] in the cat of 90% do not drink, and incorporating the voice is "do not drink but I want to give" and a cat lover . was commercialized finally catmint entered , I do not use any preservatives. It is said that drink is safe relief that was particular about nutrition in vitamin C, and an oligosaccharide, oligosaccharide good and healthy to support the work of the intestine. Cheers pussy Nouveau red and Pets