Tell Me Something I Don't Know 017: Cartoonist Farel Dalrymple

Cartoonist Farel Dalrymple is our guest in this episode of "Tell Me Something I Don't Know." His comics career began as part of the Meathaus gang, a loose collective of artists from the School of Visual Arts around the end of the 20th century–Brandon Graham and James Jean know the secret handshake. His work includes Pop Gun War, illustrating Jonathan Letham's Omega the Unknown, the webcomic It Will All Hurt on SG12, and the newly released Delusional from Adhouse Books. He has been nominated for Eisner Awards, received a Xeric Grant, and earned a Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators.

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Tell Me Something I Don't Know is produced and hosted by three talented cartoonists and illustrators:

Jim Rugg, a Pittsburgh-based comic book artist, graphic designer, zinemaker, and writer best known for Afrodisiac, The Plain Janes, and Street Angel. His latest
project is SUPERMAG.

Jasen Lex is a designer and illustrator from Pittsburgh. He is currently working on a graphic novel called Washington Unbound. All of his art and comics can be found at

Ed Piskor is the cartoonist who drew the comic, Wizzywig, and draws the Brain Rot/ Hip Hop Family Tree comic strip at this very site, soon to be collected by Fantagraphics Books and available for pre-order now.