You won't believe these three incredible list-making websites we found!

Sometimes there is nothing I want to do more than sit around and click through slideshow lists generated with the sole intent of racking up internet pageviews. Like this excellent collection of cute start-up logos at Business Insider.

When I'm really hard-up for entertainment, searching Mashable for "Best Free" always yields gems of the genre. Here are the best 10 cases for the only 3 Kindle Paperwhites that ever sold..

Luckily, the internet has provided us with a website that doesn't even require that I perform a search, when I'm in a wistful listful mood. I can find, like, five posts with over 20 things I didn't need to know every time I look at Buzzfeed. Here are the 26 most Metal things that EVER happened. Now we know.

With so many listicle providers dedicated to churning out stuff for me to click through, it was hard to make my own list of the top three. Runners-up: Happy Place from someecards, Upworthy, and Huffington Post.