Sex on synaesthesia

What is sex like for synaesthetes? Synaesthesia is a fascinatingly strange neurological condition in which two ore more senses are linked so that someone, for example, might "taste" sounds or "hear" colors. Emotional synaestesia is when pleasurable feelings may trigger the individual to see certain colors or have other sensations. Researchers from Harvard Medical School, Hannover Medical School, and University Bremen studied a group of emotional synaesthetes to gain insight into their sexual experiences. Below is a table from the scientific report revealing the subjects' experiences during different phases of the human sexual response cycle, such as: "In the moment of orgasm the wall bursts… ringlike structures… in bluish-violet tones." Far fucking out!

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"Synaesthesia and sexuality: the influence of synaesthetic perceptions on sexual experience" (via Mind Hacks)