Toronto council strips power from mayor Rob Ford, who compares self to Kuwait, then body-slams female councillor

The City Council of Toronto has voted to strip Mayor Rob Ford of most of his powers after a totally bonkers session in which Ford vowed "outright war," and compared the vote to "a coup d'etat" and to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

Ford — who admitted earlier this month to smoking crack cocaine in a "drunken stupor" — told council members, "What goes around, comes around, friends." "If you think American-style politics is nasty, you guys have just attacked Kuwait," he said to groans and laughter in the council chambers. "And you will never see something — mark my words, my friends, this is going to be outright war in the next election, and I am going to do everything in my power to beat you guys."

Also during this meeting, he physically knocked down a council member during a break "while he and his brother, City Councilor Doug Ford, sparred with hecklers in the council gallery." More at "Toronto council strips power from embattled Mayor Rob Ford"