NSA spied on non-terrorist "radicalizers"' porn use in order to discredit them

A new Snowden leak reveals that the NSA targeted "radicalizers" of Muslim faith, mining their Internet connections for pornography usage. They compiled lists of targets who could be blackmailed, discredited and compromised by targeted leaks of this information, and circulated the lists to officials in the Departments of Justice and Commerce and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Only one percent of the targets of this program are alleged to have any connection to terrorists; the rest were targeted because of their political beliefs.

Instead, the NSA believes the targeted individuals radicalize people through the expression of controversial ideas via YouTube, Facebook and other social media websites. Their audience, both English and Arabic speakers, "includes individuals who do not yet hold extremist views but who are susceptible to the extremist message," the document states. The NSA says the speeches and writings of the six individuals resonate most in countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Kenya, Pakistan, India and Saudi Arabia.

The NSA possesses embarrassing sexually explicit information about at least two of the targets by virtue of electronic surveillance of their online activity. The report states that some of the data was gleaned through FBI surveillance programs carried out under the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act. The document adds, "Information herein is based largely on Sunni extremist communications." It further states that "the SIGINT information is from primary sources with direct access and is generally considered reliable."

According to the document, the NSA believes that exploiting electronic surveillance to publicly reveal online sexual activities can make it harder for these "radicalizers" to maintain their credibility. "Focusing on access reveals potential vulnerabilities that could be even more effectively exploited when used in combination with vulnerabilities of character or credibility, or both, of the message in order to shape the perception of the messenger as well as that of his followers," the document argues.

Top-Secret Document Reveals NSA Spied On Porn Habits As Part Of Plan To Discredit 'Radicalizers' [Glenn Greenwald, Ryan Gallagher, Ryan Grim/Huffpo]