'Project L0SS' by Ellie Pritts

Project L0SS is a fantastic collection of images that show us what can be in found in that which is lost. Ellie Pritts was fascinated with the artifacts created in photos constantly re-coded in .JPG (a lossy file format, if configured as such,) and shares with us this collection of images.

Ellie wrote this about the project:

"L0SS" is a photography project inspired by the interesting things that happen to JPEG files when repeatedly compressed. JPEGs are considered a "lossy" compression method; every time a file is saved, opened and saved again artifacts in the file become more and more pronounced. A great example of this phenomenon is shown here in David Elliott's project "Generation Loss".

My fascination with glitches, artifacts and other visual anomalies is what fueled this project. I've also been hugely inspired by Georg Fischer's amazing javascript experiments as well as the iPhone app Glitché.

Ellie Pritts' Project L0SS