Suspected mass-murderer James Holmes' apartment for rent: $850/month

When I lived in Boulder, Colorado my friend moved into the basement of an old house on University Hill. A couple of months earlier, the previous tenant went to prison for killing his roommate with an axe while he slept. The murderer's belongings had not been removed from the basement apartment. He'd left behind a terrific book collection. Most of the books were about psychedelic drugs, cybernetics, and Buckminster Fuller. I have one of the books — LSD: The Age of Mind (1963), which was set in hand-lettered type:

This is all to say that my friend was never bothered that he lived in an axe-murderer's house. I spent many nights there and I didn't care either. Why should I? I don't believe in ghosts.

But I can't explain why I would never want to even step inside suspected mass-murderer James Holmes' Colorado apartment. Maybe I am older and more sensitive to such things. Maybe it's the enormity of the tragedy. In any case, the apartment is available for the below-market rate of $850 a month. I wonder if someone will move in?

James Holmes' apartment back on the market (Thanks, Matthew!)