This Day in Blogging History: Susan Crawford should run FCC; Book of backyard bird photos; Klingklangklatch, Ian McDonald's teddy bear Tom Waits comic

One year ago today

Susan Crawford should run the FCC!: She has just published an OpEd in the New York Times which could easily be titled 'If I were Chairwoman of the FCC' and she published a book called Captive Audience which details the way various incumbent broadband related companies have gamed the political process and behaved unfairly in protecting their turf.

Five years ago today

Rick Lieder's fantastic backyard bird photos — new book: Rick Lieder, the talented sf/f artist whose backyard nature photographs have stunned me for years, has released a new book of photos of small birds on the wing, shot in his own backyard in south Michigan.

Ten years ago today

Ian McDonald's Kling Klang Klatch: Ian McDonald's stone-brilliant 1992 graphic novel, Kling Klang Klatch (illustrated by David Lyttleton) is an improbable mashup of Tom Waits, hard boiled detectives and teddy bears.