For sale: Swiss Scrooge McDuck swimming pool/vault full of shiny coins

If you've ever dreamed of owning a bank-vault mounded high with shiny coins in which you can bathe like Scrooge McDuck, now is your chance. A Swiss bank-vault filled with 8 million Swiss 5-cent pieces is up for auction. The vault was made in 1913 for the Schweizer Volksbank. The coins — 15 tons' worth — were used in a 2013 installation in which they were dumped in a public square, with no security, as an exercise in public trust. The coins and the safe are presently in Basel. You will have to relocate them.

Deposit Safe

– Year of contruction: 1912

– Swiss handmade craftsman piece of work

– Total of 1619 deposit boxes

– All keys available

– Dimensions: total length: 22.3m; height: 2.2m; width: 0.54m

– Containing 5 Elements

– Current room dimensions: 9.38 x 4.87

– Boxes and lockers are a handmade fabrication of steel and brass

– Plinth elements of marble

– Additional middle corpus is already in the Swiss National Museum in Zurich


– 8 Million pieces of Swiss 5 cent coins ("Rappen")

– 15 tons of "liquid" money

– Dimension of the money: 6m3

– Alloy: Copper 92% / Aluminium 6% / Nickel 2%

– Caliber: 17,15 mm, Weight: 1,80 g, Thickness: 1,25 mm

Original Swiss Bank Deposit Safe – Money Swimming Pool

(via JWZ)