Bloomberg drops Trump from its billionaire index

Financially scrambling real estate fraud and adjudicated rapist Donald J. Trump has been dropped from the Bloomberg Billionaire Index.

As Trump Media's share price plummets, so does Donald Trump's vaporous net worth. Still unable to secure a valid bond in the appeal of his $454 million fraud judgment, even for the generously reduced amount the appeals court approved, Trump could see collections efforts begin next week, which will likely be in the form of seized assets. While losing actual money may not bother Donald, as his billionaire buddies seem committed to propping him up, the reputational may be what stings most.

Trump is no longer listed on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a daily ranking of the world's 500 richest people, after the stock price for Trump Media – the parent company behind the former president's social media company Truth Social – took a nosedive.

As of Tuesday, the value of his stake was closer to $3 billion – at least on paper. Trump cannot offload his shares until September without approval from the Trump Media board. 

Forbes listed Trump's net worth at $4.8 billion on Tuesday afternoon, making him the 653rd richest person in the world. The lowest net worth included in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index ‒ which measures personal wealth based on changes in the market, the economy and Bloomberg reporting ‒ as of Tuesday was $5.81 billion.


Trump's empire consists of over-leveraged real estate, a scammy social media company, and the Republican Party. Not the best list of assets.