Deep Down the rabbit hole of games industry sexism

A hotly-awaited PlayStation 4 game won't even include playable female characters, "because of the plot," and it's reignited gaming's ever smoldering sexism problem. Brenna Hillier:

Don't let this answer satisfy you. Capcom wrote the plot. There's no reason why it had to write a plot that excluded female characters. … The actual reason why Capcom has apparently chosen not to include women in Deep Down is that it can't be bothered. … I'm aware that most of the people likely to comment on this article (go ahead and bleat about misandry, you worms; I'll enjoy a tasty cup of your male tears) don't see that, but I'm also aware that the vast majority of people who read this article do see it, and won't bother to leave a comment because what I'm saying in this editorial seems sensible, practical, and non-controversial. Such is the way of the Internet. So I'm not going to bother writing out a lengthy justification of why we genuinely need female characters in video games for the good of the industry financially and artistically; if you honestly can't understand it, go forth and educate yourself. If you feel that gaming is the one thing remaining to men and girls should stop spoiling it with political correctness, then please go boil your head because I see no point in debating with people incapable of basic logic and lacking humanity