On the female dungeoneer

Female representation in games is mired in toxic archetypes, so much so that even conscious efforts to avoid or neutralize them tends to end up mirroring the problem. The makers of Desktop Dungeons, however, are taking a more considered approach.

It wasn't good enough for us to simply react with deliberate ugliness or typically masculine factors – the idea was for Desktop Dungeons to remove the gender binary entirely instead of just making everyone a man. In de-emphasising sex as much as possible, we hoped that players would be able to enjoy a more gender agnostic environment in general. Some of our proudest mechanical tweaks involved removing notices and choices in particular areas. … .Shorthands for the feminine kept crawling into our work when we weren't paying attention – smooth skin, homogenised facial structures, evidence of makeup, you name it. Even characters who we thought would easily sidestep trouble (like the female wizard) simply looked like young, pretty women in grunge costume rather than hardboiled dungeoneers. Portraits for some species went through several drafts just to deprogram our subconscious idea of what felt normal and right.