Kickstarting Dream Life, a solo comic from Salgood Sam of "Sea of Red" and "Therefore Repent!"

Salgood Sam — who worked on great projects like Sea of Red and Therefore, Repent! sez, "In the last leg of a successful Kickstarter to print my next graphic novel, I've set up some unlockable interactive stretch goal rewards you might want to check out to help me make it to the west coast and print more books! If you can manage to time your pledges to hit the mark that puts my Kickstarter over one of three stretch goals, I'll draw your deepest darkest dreams for you. Or alternately bright and silly ones are an option."

These "dream sketches" will be reproduced as one of a set of postcards included with physical rewards, so everyone wins! And if your winning pledge includes a copy of Dream Life, I'll send the original sketch to the lucky backer with the book! Alternately if you go all digital you only need cover the postage to get it.

"Dream Life | a late coming of age" book one is my first long form solo work. An unconventional narrative–what i've been calling neorealist comics. It tells the story of five childhood friends, loosely based off peanuts archetypes, as they confront derailed expectations, reality checks, ethical & physical traumas, and loss. It showcases some richly drawn and hopefully narratively subtle pages, designed to lead you through and show the story in a lyrical fashion.

A labour of love I've been drawing since I finished "Therefore, Repent!" with Jim Munroe in 2007, the project was delayed by the usual grab bag of artists' banes. Health and economics, etc. I've been chipping away at it committedly if not slowly at times, and posted the work as a webcomic for a while. Earning me two nominations in the Joe Shuster Awards [2013 & 2011]. Completed now, the first book of it anyway, "Dream Life" will be officially Launched at TCAF 2014 in Toronto this coming May, and toured across Canada after–exactly how far depending in part on the success of the Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter campaign ends March 31st.

You can see a 61 page preview of Dream Life here.

Dream Life | the launch and tour! Going for stretch goals!